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A successful Dzire campaign

Tess Shiras, Lauren Rosapep, Sujan Karki, and Sarah Bradley March
12 Oct, 2018

A successful Dzire campaign
Nepal CRS Company uses evidence-based approaches to promote products among current and potential users. With support from technical partner SHOPS Plus, CRS conducted a reach and recall survey to evaluate the effectiveness of a media campaign for D’zire condoms among urban male condom users. CRS ran a marketing campaign from September to October 2018 in 25 urban cities of Nepal. The D’zire advertisement aired in numerous media outlets, including: three TV channels; 30+ radio stations in urban Nepal; internet sites; three newspapers; digital display boards at the airport; and flanges and top shops. The reach and recall survey was conducted before and after the media campaign to better understand brand preferences and perceptions, sexual behavior and condom use, media habits, recall of campaign messages, and changes in brand awareness and use among married and unmarried men age 18-49 who have used at a condom at least once before.
Overall, the results demonstrated that the campaign was associated with a 49 percent increase in awareness of D’zire brand condoms and an 82 percent increase in ever-use of D’zire. The results confirmed that it is more effective to invest in a concentrated, multi-channel campaign over a short period of time than to spread less concentrated media activity over a longer period. It also provided critical insights on how CRS could target media campaigns for greatest impact, including:

 Internet: Focus on digital advertising to reach young men not in union, as94% of young men not in union use Facebook at least once a week.

 TV: The most effective TV spot is from 15:00-18:00 any day of the week on Kantipur or Nepal TV; 70% of young men not in union watch Kantipur TV at least once a week.

 Newspaper: Advertise in Saptahik newspaper, as 83% of all urban men read that publication at least once a week.

 Radio: Radio advertising will reach the fewest men in CRS’s target audience, as only 40% of young men not in union listen at least once a week.

CRS has already used these findings to strengthen the impact of their product promotion. Specifically, CRS has a D’zire print insertion in Saptahik magazine and purchased banner ads on popular internet sites. CRS will continue using the findings and survey recommendations to tailor product promotion in urban areas in the coming years.

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